Thursday, 8 July 2010

The beginning

I'm so wishing there were a news paper that actually just talked about the wonderful things. And there really are so many wonderful things. You know, I am always so saddened by the things we read every day in the newspapers and so, I've decided that if you guys send me the wonderful things that happen in your day and in your lives I will begin to publish it in The Good Times. Send me some stuff people and I will spend some of my time really making this happen so we can have something lovely to read. It doesn't matter how simple it is - if it makes you smile it will make me smile too and, oh my word, that would be lovely.


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  2. You know what, Kirsty?

    There is a newspaper that only talks about good and wonderful things. It is written in portuguese and it is called Boas Noticias (Good News).

    Here's the link to it:

  3. Kirsty, howdy well I will get writing but will attempt to keep it short ha!Dying to see you in concert again!Love & peace becky xx